Year 2006 Vol. 14 No 2



It has been pointed out in the article that introduction to the practice of restorative-reconstructive operations on the shoulder rotator cuff in the initial period of formation results in many committed mistakes and complications. The mistakes which are made and errors lead to the worsening of the functional outcomes, to time extension of the operational intervention and to significant prolongation of the rehabilitation period. The mistakes and errors are made at the stages of planning and performing of the operations as well as during the patient’s rehabilitation and repeated operations when metallic constructions are removed. Familiarization with these mistakes can help to prevent their recurrence and to avoid complications.
In the article all mistakes, errors and complications are studied in detail and recommendations concerning their avoidance are given. It is pointed out that treatment of the patients with short shoulder rotator pathologies should be complex and together with atraumatic operative interventions should include correcting impacts aimed to eliminate factors causing movement restriction in the shoulder joint in the preoperative period. It is also necessary to use kinesitherapy together with traditional physioprocedures, various blockages and electrostimulation of the shoulder muscle.

Keywords: shoulder rotator cuff, reconstructive operations, complications, treatment mistakes, rehabilitation
p. 69 - 74 of the original issue
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