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SBEE APE Irkutsk State Medical Academy of Post-graduate Education 1,
NSME Railway Clinical Hospital OF JSC RRW, Irkutsk 2,
LLC Scientific and Production Company Lewes-A, Institute of Labor Hygiene and Occupational Diseases of ESSC SB OF RAMS, Angarsk 3,
The Russian Federation

Objectives. To study some biochemical parameters of granulation tissue at treatment of the experimental infected wounds applying biologically active agents.
Methods. The experimental group of animals with infected wounds was divided into four subgroups. The first subgroup (control) consisted of rats without treatment, the second treatment of infected wounds applying a medical preparation Abisyl-1. In the third subgroup the treatment was carried out using Antiran, in the fourth Antiran plus ultrasonic cavitation (USC). To collect the granulation tissue the animals were withdrawn from the experiment on the 4th, 8th, 14th, 21st and 28th days. The most prominent biochemical parameters such as oxyproline, tyrosine, nucleic acids and malon dialdehyde have been determined in the granulation tissue.
Results. It was established that the terpene containing a medical preparation Antiran is significantly reduced the time of healing of experimental infected wounds, activates epithelialization and reconstruction of the epidermal derivatives, decreases the area of the infected wounds by 85,9% in 28 days after therapy onset and by 96,1% in treatment of infected wounds in combination with USC. The concentration of malon dialdehyde (MDA) in the tissues of infected wounds reached a maximum in the exudative destructive period of inflammation and it was higher at spontaneous healing as well as at Abisyl-1 application throughout the whole wound healing process. While applying the Antiran (both in combination with USC and without it), the concentration of MDA by the end of observation was reduced to the level of intact tissues. Furthermore, from the 14th day the content of collagen in experimental infected wounds reduced progressively in treatment of Antiran applying due to the scar maturation.
Conclusions. The necrotic tissue activity has been reduces in short terms, an increase of proteins of collagen and non-collagen origin occurs as well as reparative activity of tissues is stimulated in treatment of infected wounds applying Antiran in combination with the ultrasonic cavitation (USC).

Keywords: infected wounds, granulation tissue, biochemical changes, biologically active agents
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Kulikov Leonid Konstantinovich
Information about the authors:
Kulikov L.K. MD, a head of the surgery chair of SBEE APE Irkutsk State Medical Academy of Post-graduate Education.
Kazankov S.S. PhD, a surgeon of the purulent surgery department of Railway clinical hospital of JSC RRW.
Privalov Y.A. PhD, an associate professor of the surgery chair of SBEE APE Irkutsk State Medical Academy of Post-graduate Education.
Sobotovich V.F. PhD, an associate professor of the surgery chair of SBEE APE Irkutsk State Medical Academy of Post-graduate Education.
Smirnov A.A. PhD, an assistant of the surgery chair of SBEE APE Irkutsk State Medical Academy of Post-graduate Education.
Garmashov V.I. PhD, a general director of LLC "Scientific and Production Company" Lewes-A, Institute of Labor Hygiene and Occupational Diseases of ESSC SB of RAMS, Angarsk, Irkutsk region.
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